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AURA:  au·ra/ (aw´rah):  Noun
A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing





  facial bed   Osmosis Facials

Using osmosis skincare products, we treat skin conditions at the source. Osmosis heals from the inside-out creating permanent changes leading to optimal skin health and age reversal.

  • Doctor developed
  • Clinically proven
  • Natural Solutions
  • Repairs DNA
  • Activates Collagen
  • Replenishes growth factors



AURA FACIALS ($75) are luxurious and relaxing, featuring Osmosis products specifically selected for your skin's needs. Facials begin with cleansing and skin analysis to determine the best treatment for you.  All facials include steam with gentle exfoliation, extractions as needed, massage and finishing mask.

FACIALS WITH INFUSIONS ($90) - Infuse the skin with several high dose ingredients for optimal results and increased collagen production. Excellent for aging, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

FACIALS WITH POWDER ACTIVES ($80) Amplify your Aura Facial by adding various powder actives specifically and individually blended for what your skin would benefit from. Powder actives enhance skin remodeling, repair, and create healthier skin.


    Aura Facials $75.00

  Facials with infusion $90.00

  Facials with powder actives $80.00